Cleats vs. Staples – Are you installing your engineered and hardwood flooring with the correct fasteners?

While speaking with flooring inspectors and flooring manufacturers at the NWFA in Tampa, FL this year, the subject of flooring cleats vs. flooring staples came up a lot, especially with the increase in engineered hardwood flooring sales. It was interesting to hear the opinions of professional flooring installers vs. those of certified flooring inspectors.

The majority of the contractors we spoke to use flooring staples to install engineered hardwood flooring. They felt it was less expensive to use staples with their pneumatic tools.  However, according to the certified flooring inspectors we spoke to, there are flooring manufacturers that no longer warrant engineered flooring installations when the flooring is fastened with staples instead of L-cleats or T- cleats.  They strongly recommended installing hardwood and engineered hardwood flooring with L-cleats or T-cleats.

Here is a great little article from Fine Home Building which sheds some light on the subject to help you decide.